(fan account) Bluestorm in Bangkok !

Hello everyone ! First of all, I want to thank @Junnie_wz so much for writing this fan account for us ^_^ And for Thai concert, TurkishBoice 's comments:
To be honest, we are so jealous kkk .. We think that this concert was a perfect one(as always), and CNBLUE was very happy, thanks all Thai Boices for making our Blue Boys smile ^_^ 
And.. yep, we're jealous, because we are too far away from them as you may know :(:( And before listening and seeing them live, we even don't know if they are aware that they have soo many fans in Turkey.. We're working hard, please all pray for us kk:) Sometimes distance is disappointing, but we're gonna try again..and back again~~ till we get what we want ! ^_^

And.. here's the fan-acc of  @Junnie_wz :

"25 Feb’12 Finally, We met!! I’m Thai Goguma! I love YongSeo and CNblue from WGM bcoz YONG is very playful^^ 

In 24 Feb : They arrived to Thailand and have stated pre-concert , YongHwa really tried to speak Thai (long sentences) he wrote words on his hand and he tried to glance that very often, He was so cute!! (Kekeke >>>>It’s the second time for me to see them but I’m still excited ~~~~~~why?????)
I wanna tell u : CNblue is really really really charming !! I don’t say handsome or smart bcoz all of them are more than this!!<<<<<<

On 25 Feb : There were so many people in the Hall. Everywhere was full with blue lights. My seat is around 15 m far from the stage. So I could see everything they did. At 6:00 pm Cnblue started the Bluestorm concert : first song was “Intuition”.. Everyone screamed sooo loud !! And then they sang along continuing (sorry ,I don’t remember all the song list) Yonghwa tried to talk with fans, he spoke in English and he repeated saying “Beautiful Wonderful Beautiful Wonderful” “Bangkok” “I love Bangkok” and then he laughed and he was ashamed (Jungshin and Minhyuk laughed at him too)hahaha^^

MinHyuk is so lovely^^ Minhyuk was shy while he was speaking before “Let’s go crazy” (In Thailand he is very popular ,so people screamed so loud every time when he stood up and spoke) He was always smiling and shining even he was behind the drum. Jungshin tried to entertain people and fan serviced always . He played bass near a fan who was standing in front of the stage, I’m so jealous kekeke^^ and YongHwa walked around the stage, he sent his kiss, sat at the front side of stage,posed to the people who were taking photos and waved to the hall. But Jonghyun didn’t walk to the fan, he stayed on his place and only played guitar.(sometimes I could see him smiling when YongHwa said something.)

After that Yonghwa said “Beautiful Wonderful Beautiful Wonderful” again hahaha and Jungshin said “I love you”(in Thai language: pom-rak-khun), also Minhyuk said,too. Later YongHwa screamed “Are you ready?” “Say Yeh…Yeh!” <<<<<<<  His voice really rocks and is really loud. It was such a cute moment (I don’t remember the song) when Jungshin was singing YongHwa went behind him and played and looked from Jungshin’s back!! He was very funny!! And he moved to hide and look with Jonghyun too when he was singing.

Before “In my head”, YongHwa said: “I’m hot”(sexy voice ><) and he asked Jungshin: “Jungshin, Are you hot?” Jungshin said: “hot”, he asked JongHyun and Jonghyun answered: “Very” (He was smiling to  Yonghwa) and YongHwa asked Minhyuk: “Minhyuk,are you hot?” Minkyuk answered with over acting: “I’M VERY HO~~T” (He’s so cute,Thai fan screamed for him always!!) and then YongHwa acted to be sad and ……he said: “it’s final song” he lied,YongHwa tried to act crying again but fans in the hall didn’t believe him. Suddenly he smiled and laughed(so shy) and he said “I promise, Bangkok is in my head!”

After they changed their shirts, they came back to the stage in black t-shirts with nice scarfs on their necks. (Before that they were wearing white t-shirts).  At that moment when CNBLUE walked back to the stage, they saw the paper “Da-chuk-ja”(from fan’s project). I saw YongHwa and Jungshin were surprised to see that and very impressed. Next songs were  “I’m a loner+love” I think those 2 songs were the best performance of this concert! YongHwa was very impressed bcoz all the fans sang along with him .

I remember Yonghwa saying  “Bangkok, thank you Bangkok~~~~ I believe we can meet again. In near future , I promise! Thank you”

At the end of the concert they distributed their scarfs to fans and Minhyuk gave his drum stick too!! After the concert I wanted to say :“YongHwa oppa pls take care of your voice and throat ~~~~” (He screams and rocks always)

<I don’t know why I love Cnblue and YongHwa : Yonghwa sometimes looks like a kid , sometimes he is really playful ,sometimes he looks like a real rocker ,sometimes he looks like a good leader….. But He is the best !! CNBLUE is the best !! >

>> All credits belong to Turkish Boice <<

photo cr. monoijeong

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