20151028 Istanbul Atatürk Airport Fan account : Where is Yonghwa?

As you might know, Yonghwa was lost at the airport that day. Guess who found him? Yes, a Turkish Boice who works at the airport, Büşra Kütük!
We sincerely thank Büşra for writing this fan account for us, for the photos and videos she shared with us, and mostly for helping our leader! :)

From Büşra Kütük:

“Their arrival would be at 04:04 pm, I was waiting excitedly. And the announcement was made: "Asiana Airline Seoul plane has landed." All the passengers came but any of the members hadn't appeared yet. All the passengers came out, I lost all my hope, but just then, I noticed a boy with a red hat and a grey sweatshirt, approaching me. “It must be Yong Hwa!” I thought but I couldn't completely be sure, he passed by me, I turned to him and asked in Korean: "Are you Yong Hwa?" And he said yes, he lost the other members. I helped him make the check in and helped him till the baggage claim. After that, other members came. I took photo with Yong Hwa and hugged him. He was very kind; it was just like a dream!”


From KMinEss & Kaitamanik:

"Their plane landed at 04:04 pm. We waited for their arrival about 15-20 minutes. When we went to the check-in point, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk were there. They waited there quite a long time. We were really close to them, but we didn’t say anything not to disturb them. We just said “Welcome” in Korean. And KMinEss asked for sign from Minhyuk. While Minhyuk was walking towards her, the manager said “Later”, and we waited there for a while. Minhyuk was really so warm and friendly, he smiled and waved hand to us.

We couldn’t understand why they were waiting; finally we heard that they were waiting for Yonghwa. Then, they learned that Yonghwa passed from the other check-in. After, they proceeded to the baggage claim. At that time, while the manager was walking with Jungshin and Jonghyun, Minhyuk stayed at the back. KMinEss used all the Korean she knows and she said quietly: “Minhyuk Ssi! Sign juseyo..” We took some photos while he was signing. While waiting for the baggage, they found Yonghwa. We didn’t actually notice him because he was wearing a hat and sunglasses. He sat by the other members.

When Minhyuk’s eyes and mine met, I smiled, approached him and asked, “Can we take a photo together?” He said yes and confirmed with his head, while opening the camera, the manager came and said “tired, tired”, and I said “but he said yes?” Minhyuk was like embarrassed, he gave his hand (to shake hands), I shook his hand in shock!  His scent was wonderful! KMinEss shook hands with him, too. As she says, his perfume is Dior Homme. :) Then he sat back smilingly. We were standing just next to them.

A friend that we met inside welcomed Yonghwa in Korean, but Yonghwa didn’t say anything, I guess he was really tired. By the way, we wanted to thank Minhyuk for his kindness, we thanked him and he waved smilingly and greeted us by bowing his head.

While walking, they suddenly stopped again. Yonghwa was walking to another direction, Minhyuk called him three times as “Yonghwa hyung!” We, the managers and the other members, none of us couldn’t understand why Yonghwa was going to another direction. :D Finally Yonghwa came back and Jonghyun said “I’m gonna go crazy” smilingly. :)

Towards the exit, all the crowd was waiting and we couldn’t see them anymore."

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English Translation/Çeviri: Henice @TurkishBoice

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